Coming Up
General Meeting: Thursday, Dec. 5th. "Speaker" will be great musical entertainment: Deja Blue.
Board Meeting: Tuesday, December 17th  at 5:30 p.m. at the Cosmo Building.
Christmas Musical Entertainment: Deja Blue will perform at the Dec. 5th meeting.
 VAC Christmas Project
  VAC Christmas Project
This year the Show Me Cosmo Club is sponsoring 3 families which includes 3 moms, 2 dads and 10 children for a total of 15 people helped in our community.
Bring your gifts &/or money to the Dec 5th Cosmo meeting. Do not wrap gifts, instead put in gift bags, boxes or totes. Be sure to label each gift bag with the FAM # and NAME. If you are writing a check for the food voucher make the check to VAC. The food voucher is used for groceries.
The gifts and money will be taken to the distribution center on Dec 10th.  This year the distribution center  will be at Woodcrest Church on Nifong.Thanks to Wayne & Maxine Powell for helping me to deliver the gifts.
Thanks to the Show Me Cosmo members for helping with
this project of giving again this year
Thanks to you these 3 families will have a very Merry Christmas.
Wishing you and your family
Merry Christmas!
Board minutes follow General Meeting minutes
General Meeting Minutes – November 7th, 2019
The meeting was called to order by President John Hubert.
Jan Berry led us in prayer before the meal.
John talked about the fun times at the Walktoberfest, the entertainment for December and then ask each table to introduce their guests.
Our speaker was Dwayne Carey, Boone County Sheriff.  He talked about national accreditation.  One of the major projects is to have a universal records system that communicates with other law enforcement agencies.
He stated that 5% of the people and the media dictate and drive a lot of things that happen.  The other 95% is a silent majority.
He praised the new Columbia Police Chief, Jeff Jones.  In order to be successful or change a culture change is going to have to happen in his opinion.  In referring to the recent homicides in Columbia he indicated that there are about 30 criminals involved with gangs.  He explained that often a “shooter” is brought in from another town and is back out before details become known.  In the recent cases all agencies are cooperating and involved.
He answered several questions from club members.
Cosmo spotlight:
Judy will do next month.
Ronald McDonald House:
The date is November 21st.  John is planning a Thanksgiving Turkey Extravaganza.  Anita, Maxine, and Elaine volunteered to bring additional dishes or supplies needed.  John once again encouraged club members to come out and visit, tour the facility, and see what we do.
Ashley Smith invited everyone to come to the fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald house on Sunday, December 8th.  It will be at the mall, around Dillard’s.  It is a Gingerbread House competition.
Julie announced the 3-club social to decorate the building for Christmas.  It is at 3:30 and everyone should bring a side dish.
Bill Tetro gave the report.  We took in $12,474.00 minus expenses of $1235.81 for a profit for $11,238.19.  $8000.00 of that amount was sponsorships. 
Contributions suggested from the committee:  $3960.00 to the diabetes center; $3300.00 to Camp Hickory Hill; $3740 to the Pediatric diabetes center.  Dayton Shepherd made a motion that the recommendations be accepted.  Tim Echternach seconded the motion.  The motion passed.  Plans are to try to present the checks over Christmas.
There were 60 walkers.
Dinner on the Prez:
This is someone who catches John Hubert every time he does something wrong (smile).  Examples – unique coffee making skills, signage with the arrows pointing the wrong way,  a problem with coffee making skills to name a few.  Bill helps set up Bingo and has served on the Board for a number of years.
Next month we will discuss Bowling, Bunco, and the Spaghetti Dinner.
Birthday Presents:
Presented by Tim and Sarah to:  Bill Goodson, Lora Zaner and Jan Blue.
Voluntary Action Center:
Phyliss Erhardt distributed the names 3 families that need help for Christmas.  We are to bring our unwrapped gifts to the December 5th meeting.  (We can put the gifts in a gift bag).  Wayne and Maxine Powell help Phyllis deliver our gifts.  By the end of the meeting all of the tags were given out.
The total was $64.00.
The meeting was adjourned after saying the Pledge of Allegiance.
November 26, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes
The meeting was called to order by President John Hubert.  Those in attendance were Lora Zaner, Aaron Zaner, Elaine McCoy, Sara Echternach, Tim Echternach, Bill Giddings, Jeanne Tetro, Brian McNeil, Julie McNeil, Bill Tetro, and Kay Brejcha.
Correspondence:  None
Treasurer’s Report:  The report was given by Bill Tetro.  Taxes have been submitted and accepted with no issues.  The balance from the bank on October 31 was $16,544.91.  The check register balance is $14,782.91.  The difference is $1762 which is the amount of outstanding checks. 
Lost members and Attendance:
Kay Brejcha reported we only have two people with outstanding dues.
Kay Brejcha will call International or talk to Judy Weitkemper to see about one member becoming emeritus status due to health reasons.
New Business:
Becoming a 501C was discussed.  We have heard the forms are much easier and less paper work.  John Hubert will look into what would need to be done for our club to become a 501C.  It would be easier to receive contributions from many establishments and company’s if we had this status.
Tim Echternach reported.
December Meeting will be musical entertainment.
January meeting will be the city planner.
The February meeting Tim has someone in mind.
It was suggested to consider having someone speak on recycling in Columbia.
Social Committee:
Julie McNeil will contact Rose about how caroling was set up before.  If we do it Julie will have information out to us in the near future.
For January, the Pancake Breakfast held the last Saturday in January.  All of our members are encouraged to attend.
For February, Brian McNeil will look into a beer tasting.  The date would be February 22 if it is available.  Similar to a wine tasting only beer.
March 20th, the social will be the three-club membership Bunco Night.  Always a lot of fun.
April 17th will be the Spaghetti Dinner.  We hope all members can participate.  John Hubert is looking into finding a business or business’ that would underwrite the cost of our supplies.  We also discussed selling ads to be put on a placemat.
May 1st and 2nd is the MO-KAN Convention in Columbia.  The luncheon club is leading in the planning.  Elaine McCoy and Larry Benton are representing our club at these meetings.
May 26th is the tentative date for the Hall of Fame Dinner.
The air show and Memorial Day Parade will not occur this year and possibly permanently will not occur.
June 21st we would like to participate in the Mobility Worldwide event.  Those who attended last year reported a fun time.
Meeting adjourned:
Tim Echternach made a motion to adjourn.  Lora Zaner seconded the motion.  The meeting was adjourned.