Volume 6                  Number 7
Coming Up
General Meeting: Thursday, Februrary 6th  Guest Speaker: Valorie Livingston , Executive Director of Boys Club & Girls Club of Columbia
Board Meeting: Tuesday, February 25 at 5:30 p.m. at the Cosmo Building.
Ronald McDonald House:  Thursday, February 20.
Beer 101:
Saturday, February 22 from 2  to 4 p.m. at CoMo Growlers and Pints located at 1413   Grindstone Plaza (basically: across the street from Walmart)
Last Laugh:

Me: “I love you.”

You: “Is that you or the wine talking?”

Me: “It’s me talking to the wine.”

Happy Valentines Day!!!

GOOOO Chiefs!!!
Birthdays in February

5th - Sara Echternach

22nd- Larry Benton

January Speaker:
Patrick Zenner, Development Services Manager, Community Development City of Columbia
The meeting was called to order by President John Hubert.
Five guests were introduced.  Jan Barry led in prayer before our meal.
After dinner, the speaker was Patrick Zenner, Developmental Services Manager.  He gave a detailed talk about development in Columbia.  He covered each area of Columbia discussing proposal, progress, and plans for development past, present, future. 
Presentation of checks from the Walktoberfest:
                Jennifer Jackson accepted the check for the Diabetes Center for $3960.00.
                Danita Rife accepted the check for the Pediatric Endocrinology Clinic for $3300.00.
Ronald McDonald House:
                John Kadlec announced out next date is January 16th.  The menu is chicken soup, bread, and dessert.  Elaine McCoy volunteered to provide the bread and dessert.  Show up at 3:00pm to work if you can.  Usually help is needed and if not, the conversation is great.
Extreme Bowling:
                Brett Benton announced Extreme Bowling will be March 7 at 6:00pm at Town and Country.  We need items to give away.  We need someone to run the Silent Auction.  We need everyone to work on getting items for the Silent Auction.  We need 32 teams and we already have 7.
Growlers and Pints:
Brian McNeill announced a “class” – Beer 101, from 2:00pm to 4:00pm at Growlers and Pints on February 22.  The cost is $20.00 a person.  This looks like a fun social.  Please let Brian know if you will be attending.
Ready for Spaghetti:
                Club members will receive an email with details about this event.  The committee will be meeting soon to plan.
Dinner on the Prez:
                Kay Brejcha was pleasantly surprised to receive this certificate.
Members were encouraged to attend the Saturday January 25th Annual Pancake Breakfast.
50/50 was won by Wayne Powell.  He received $27.00 and the club received $27.00   Second place went to CeCe Benton.  CeCe won a Cosmo bag and cup.  Third place was Jennifer Jackson.  Jennifer won two tickets to the pancake breakfast.
The meeting closed with the reciting of the pledge.
The meeting was called to order by President John Hubert at 5:35pm.
Those in attendance were Kay Brejcha, Sara Echternach Tim Echternach, Brian McNeil, Julie McNeil, Bill Tetro, Jeanne Tetro, Aaron Zaner, Lora Zaner
Kay Brejcha gave report that all dues are up to date except for three members.
Bill Tetro gave a very complete treasurer’s report.  He reported that it would be very helpful if we as a club could have 30 paid meals each month.  We must pay for 30 meals even if we only have 23 or 24. This continues to eat into our budget.
The following dates and activities were reviewed:
                Growlers and Pints – Club Social 2/22 at 2:00pm.  A flyer will be coming out soon with more details.  But it sounds like a lot of fun.
                Extreme Bowling is March 7, 2020.  The committee met after the board meeting 1/28/2020.  Details are coming soon.
                Bunco – The date has been changed to 3/13/2020.  Sara has been working on details for this event.
                Spaghetti Dinner is April 17, 2020.  That committee will be meeting soon to work out all the details.  John showed the placemat from the breakfast.  We will use the placemats and will charge the same for the ads ($250.00)
                Walktoberfest will be October 4, 2020.  Tim will be booking the shelter and the entertainment soon.
Future speakers:
                2/6/2020 – Boys and Girls Club (Tim will introduce).
                3/5/2020 – Cosmopolitan Diabetes and Endocrinology Clinic
                4/5/2020 -  ???
                5/7/2020 - ???                 
                6/4/2020 -  ???
If you have ideas for speakers, please contact Tim.
Bill Tetro made a motion to adjourn.  Tim Echternach seconded the motion.  The meeting was adjourned.