Coming Up
General Meeting: Thursday, Jan. 2nd 
Board Meeting: Tuesday, January 21 at 5:30 p.m. at the Cosmo Building.
 VAC Christmas Project

Thanks to all of the Cosmo's who gave gifts &/or money for our 3 sponsored families. The total amount of money collected was $300.00. Each family received a $100.00 voucher for groceries.
Thanks again for being so generous. I'm sure these
 families appreciate what you have done for them.
Stay tuned, the Board Meeting minutes and pictures will be forth coming...
Wishing you and your family
a Prosperous & Happy New Year!
Minutes for General Meeting
Show-Me Cosmopolitan Club
December 5, 2019
President John Hubert called the meeting to order.  Guests from each table were introduced.  Jan Berry led in a prayer before our meal.  We once again had a very nice meal from the Columbia Country Club.  Our program was presented by Deja Blue, a group that had great harmony similar to Sweet Adeline’s.  They presented a variety of Christmas music and were also very humorous.  They did a special rendition of “Must Be Santa” and had John Kadlec come up to be the “Santa”.  It was also to help celebrate John’s birthday which was Dec. 25. The club really enjoyed this particular song.
MO-KAN Convention:
Larry Benton presented a report from the committee planning the convention.  The theme is “Together We Will”.  Dates are May 1, 2, and 3.  Everyone should make plans to attend because we are the host city.  Gabe Huffington is the Chair of the Planning Committee.  Larry gave a detailed plan of activities.  Friday, May 1st one to five is registration and a photo scavenger hunt (looking for all the places Cosmos have had a part in Columbia).  At 5:30 everyone will meet back at the building, at 6:00 dinner at the building, and after dinner Bingo (if possible – still checking on).  Delegates meeting will be Saturday morning.  The luncheon will have a speaker.  Saturday afternoon a bus tour of Warm Spring’s Ranch is the featured activity.  Saturday night is the inaugural.  Awards will also be given out.  On Sunday morning a breakfast will be available in the hospitality room.  Larry’s report was very detailed indicating this committee has been working hard to make the convention a success.
Phyllis Erhart thanked everyone who helped sponsor our families (three moms, two dads, and ten children).  Money collected for food vouchers was over $250.00 dollars.  She also recognized Wayne and Maxine Powell who each year help Phyllis deliver our gifts.
Jennifer Jackson was introduced as a new member.  John talked about what Columbia Cosmopolitan clubs have done in Columbia.  It was interesting information for all the “newer” members of the club. Judy Weitkemper, our International President, inducted Jennifer into the club.
The Thanksgiving turkey dinner was a big success. 
Wednesday, December 11th is the next dinner John Kadlec announced.  We will have ham, macaroni and cheese, a salad, and dessert.  Brett volunteered to provide the salad.  Jeanne will have dessert, macaroni and cheese will be provided by Buckingham’s.
The first dinner in 2020 is January 16th.
Julie had many dates for us to put on our calendars.
December 15th – We will be caroling at Lenoir memory care and skilled care from 1 to 1:30.
January 25th – The pancake breakfast at the building. Judy and Larry have tickets.
February 22nd – Beer 101 Class (similar to wine tasting, only beer)
March 7th – Extreme Bowling – always fun
March 20th – Bunco Membership Event
April 17th – Ready for Spaghetti
May 1, 2, and 3 – MO-KAN Convention – Columbia, MO.
May 26 – Hall of Fame dinner
June 21st – Mobility World Wide event
We will do next month.
This person is always in the background working.  She is very dedicated to our club activities.  She has organized the VAC activity for our club for twenty years.  And we talk to her every month.  The winner is Phyllis Erhardt.
Bell ringers are still needed for next Monday at Bass Pro.  There are still four available shifts.
50/50 RAFFLE:
Judy Weitkemper was the winner of $36.00.  Judy donated the $36.00 to buy the Christmas ham for the Ronald McDonald house.
The second winner was Wayne Powell, third place winner CeCe Benton, and fourth place winner was Larry Benton.  These winners received Christmas kitchen towels.
The meeting closed with the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance.