Coming Up
General Meeting: Thursday, Nov. 7th. Speaker will be Boone County Sheriff: Dwayne Carey.
McDonald House:  Thursday, November 21st.
Board Meeting: Tuesday, November 26 at 5:30 p.m. at the Cosmo Building.
Christmas Musical Entertainment: Deja Blue will perform at the Dec. 5th meeting.
 VAC Christmas Project
This year the Show-Me Cosmo Club will sponsor 3 families which includes 3 adults and 12 children for a total of 15 people helped in our community. At our Nov 7th Cosmo meeting there will be sign up sheets to buy gifts for each family member with a FAM # and Name.
There will also be a sign up sheet to give money for food vouchers.
Food vouchers are used by the family to buy groceries.
Bring your gifts &/or money to the Dec 5th Cosmo meeting. Do not wrap your gifts, instead  put in gift bags, boxes, plastic  totes  or laundry baskets. Be sure to label all containers with FAM #  and Name. If writing a check make it out to VAC.
Thanks to you these 3 families will have a very
Merry Christmas.
Dates to remember for the month
Monday the 11th - Veterans Day
Thursday the 28th - ThanksgivingImage result for thanksgiving
Bill Goodson on the 22nd
Lora Zaner on the 23rd
Janice Blue on the 28th
Last Laugh: When a clock is hungry it goes back four seconds.
Days to remember:
15th - Clean Your Refrigerator Day
24th - All our Uncles are Monkeys Day
30th - Stay at Home because You are Well Day
The Show-Me Cosmopolitan Club October 3, 2019 meeting was held at the Columbia Country Club.
Prayer:  The prayer was given by Dayton Shepherd.
After our meal, President, John Hubert, gave highlights of his recent trip to Boston.  Does he have a future in being a tour guide?
Nora Dietzel, Recorder of Deeds for Boone County and coordinator for the Boone County Bicentennial was the speaker.  She gave a brief overview of what the recorder of deeds does on a daily basis.  She suggested going to the web site to get a more complete picture of services offered.
The Boone County Bicentennial is to be inclusive, fun, and educational.  One of the activities includes a    mural of Boone County by area.  It is sort of a paint by number and any one can participate when the mural is in their area.  Each community in the area will have a section of the mural.  An artist will put the finishing touches on it to pull it all together.  There is also a coffee table book that is being put together that community members can offer stories and pictures.  Educational programs are being developed with fun activities concerning the history of Boone County.They will be offered to the schools to use as they will.
The finale will be on July 4th, 2020 with a birthday party.  It will include a “run”, music, fireworks, food trucks, a wagon exhibit and much more.
For more information go to their web site at or follow on Facebook @bocomo200.
Cosmo Spotlight:
Tim Dollins, District Governor, gave an overview of activities he has attended and participated or worked on with various clubs in the district.  He was excited and enthusiastic about all the activities.  Encouraging us to follow Judy’s (International President) theme -- together we can -- and to remember our logo of unity, service, action.  He asked us to “save the date” – May 1 and 2 the MO-KAN conference will be here in Columbia.  The International Convention will be July 23 thru 26 at Bloomington, Michigan.
Wednesday and Thursday, November 13th and 14th we can get a A1C test at Boone County Health Center.
Walktoberfest – Rose reported everything is ready to go.  We could still always use workers.  She encouraged club members to just come out to offer support. 
Extreme Bowling – Brett reported no date yet, but we already have three teams (John Hubert - 1 and John Kadlec – 2).
Bingo Workers – We always need four people each week.  Jan Berry is the contact should you be able to volunteer and want to be put on the substitute list.
Community Service:
Ronald McDonald House:
John Kadlec announced the menus for Oct 17th and November 21.  He encouraged members to come out if not to help but to see the facilities and learn more about the work they do.
Voluntary Action Center:
Phyllis Erhardt announced we would adopt three families this year.  There will be sign up sheets at the November meeting.  They also need money for vouchers for Christmas dinners.  VAC reported there is more of a need this year.
Social Committee:
Julie McNeill reported we will participate in the three club Halloween party on Tuesday, October 29.  It will be a family event and more fun activities are expected for this year.  It will start at 6:30 or 7:00.  More information will be sent out on this event.
Meal on the Prez:
Larry Benton received the “meal on the prez”.  He always has an open door to help with Cosmos affairs.  He is a past MO-KAN governor and past International president.    John quoted Larry as saying, “Cosmos may argue they may disagree and debate, but in the end, they are still friends and Cosmos.”
None of the October birthdays were present.
Other business:
Maxine Powell asked for a list of the committees for 2018 – 2019 and also for this year to put in the historian’s book.  Tim and Kay will work on getting that information to Maxine.
50/50 Raffle:
The 50/50 raffle totaled $62.00 with $31.00 going to Tim Echternach and $31.00 going to the club.  The second prize was won by Sara Echternach and 3rd prize was won by Brett Benton.
The meeting closed after members said the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States Flag.