Volume 11                  Number 5
Coming Up
General Meeting: Thursday, December 3rd  at 7 p.m. Social "hour" at 6:30 p.m. Columbia Country Club. Guest speaker: Story
If you can, Please wear "Christmas/Holiday attire"
Board Meeting: Tuesday, December 29th  at 5:30 p.m. on ZOOM.

November is National Diabetes Month
Important dates in
4th-Wear Brown Shoes Day
9th-Pastry Day
14th-International Monkey Day
18th-Bake Cookies Day
21st-Humbug Day
30th-Bacon Day
"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."
-Helen Keller-
Board of Directors 2020-2021
Tim Echternach
Vice President of Membership
Sara Echternach
Bill Tetro
Kay Brejcha
Sargent at Arms
Elaine McCoy
Brett Benton
2 Year Term
Brian McNeill
Todd Shelmadine
1 Year Term
Bill Giddings
Aaron Zaner
December Birthdays
John Kadlec - 25th
November 5, 2020 General Meeting Minutes
Show-Me Cosmopolitan Club
President Tim Echternach called the meeting to order.
Blessing: Dayton Shephard offered the prayer for our food.
Member Reports:
An update was given on Judy and Bill Weitkemper.
It was reported that Jane Smith has moved to Texas. We do not have any contact information. Maxine Powell has and will continue to try to get contact information.
Treasurer’s Report:
Bill Tetro gave the treasurer’s report and a report on the Walktoberfest. The checking account balance is $9482.68 and that includes the Walktoberfest money. There is still money coming in for the Walktoberfest. On the investment account we are only down $382.00 from July.
Walktoberfest T-shirts:
Tim announced he had the T-shirts at the meeting for us to pick up after the meeting.
Extreme Bowling:
Brett will talk to the bowling alley after the first of the year, to get a date.
Voluntary Action Center:
Phyllis announced all the names were taken. She thanked everyone for the great response.
Tim Echternach gave a talk and slide show on being thankful.
50/50 Raffle:
Maxine Powell won the 50/50 raffle.
The meeting was adjourned after reciting the pledge.
November 24, 2020 Board Meeting Minutes
Show-Me Cosmopolitan Club
President Tim Echternach called the meeting to order. Those present for the Zoom meeting were Kay Brejcha, Brett Benton, Sara & Tim Echternach, Bill Giddings, Elaine McCoy, Brian McNeill, Todd Shelmadine, & Aaron Zaner.
It was decided to ask our members to wear Christmas attire. Tim has arranged for us to have Christmas music for our program.
Bill Tetro was not in attendance but sent the treasurer’s report. As of November 15, the checking account balance was $9681.53.
Tim gave a report on the display table at the Diabetic Clinic. It was available for only one day. We discussed the possibility of having a permanent display for pamphlets. Brian suggested something in the community education room. Todd suggested an acrylic pamphlet holder. We will discuss this more in the future.
A reminder of the survey distributed by email from International that needs to be completed.
The meeting was adjourned.