Volume 10                  Number 12
Coming Up
General Meeting: Thursday, July 2 at 7 p.m. Social "hour" at 6:30 p.m. The Inaugural
Board Meeting: Tuesday, July 28 at 5:30 p.m. at the Cosmo Building.
Ronald McDonald HouseJohn says were on hiatus for a bit.
Please be sure to read the proposed committees/chair sign up sheet listed after the two meeting minutes!
**If you or if you know of someone/company that would like to sponsor the Walktoberfest, I will send out "forms" soon. It will be Sunday, October 4th at 2 p.m. at the Lamb Shelter in Cosmo Park**
Last Laugh:

What does a parrot want on the 4th of July?

A Fire Cracker.
2nd-World UFO Day
7th-World Chocolate Day
17th-National Tattoo Day
22nd-National Hotdog Day
29th-National Lasagna Day
Happy Independence Day
July Birthdays
Tim Echternach-6th
Julie McNeill-19th
Phyllis Erhart-26th
General Meeting – June 5, 2020
Show-Me Cosmopolitan Club
President John Hubert opened the meeting with a report on members Tonya Linder and Jane Smith;
both are in the hospital. We had one minute of silent prayer for them.
We had five guests in attendance
Blessing: Jan Barry led the opening prayer.
Dinner this month was a buffet, however, it was served to each of us due to restrictions in place because of COVID-19.
2020-2021 Budget: Bill Tetro presented the budget. Bill Giddings made a motion to accept the budget as presented. Maxine Powell seconded the motion. The motion was approved.
Guest Speaker: Our speaker was Valerie Livingston from the Girl’s and Boy’s Club. She has been with them for 11 years. She spoke specifically how COVID-19 had effected their programs and finances. They were closed all of March. During this time, they set up resources everyday using technology (internet, Zoom, Facebook, and others). They attempted to call each participant daily just to check up on them. They partnered with the school district to serve the students better. She talked about the hardships for the families: some had to quit their jobs, some worried about food to eat, and of course care for their children. Their main concern right now is mental health. Food insecurities is a real concern. They have been serving meals and will even deliver meals. The meals are for all students even if they are not in the program. Forty-six per cent of CPS students are on free lunch. They will reopen this summer, but with social distancing they can only take 70 students, instead of 250. They are very concerned about their budget; when it is cut, they will be forced to serve fewer students. She addressed the issues involving the death of George Floyd: we need to improve and move forward. In closing she stated, “It takes a village to raise a child.” And this year it really does!
Nominations for new officers:
President: Tim Echternach
President-elect: You?
Vice-President of Membership: Sara Echternach
Secretary: Kay Brejcha
Treasurer: Bill Tetro
Sergeant at Arms: Elaine McCoy
Parliamentarian: Brett Benton
Two-year board member: Brian McNeill and Todd Shelmadine
One-year board member: Bill Giddings and Aaron Zaner
John Kadlec made the motion to accept the slate of officers presented. Bill Tetro seconded the motion.
The motion was approved.
Patrick Hodgins Award at MO-KAN: Jan Barry
Governor of the MO-KAN Convention: Dayton Shepherd
Maxine Powell received her certificate and her Beacon pin.
Hall of Fame: Mr. Brett Benton
Because the dinner and awards ceremony for the Hall of Fame had to be cancelled, President John
Hubert presented Brett with his plaque and told us a few things that Brett had done to receive this award. A few included, Brett is a charter member of the club. He has always been very active in the club activities. He has served as President. And, he developed Extreme Bowling, organizing and chairing the committee every year. A fund raiser that gets better every year.
Dinner on the Prez: Brett Benton
Ronald McDonald House: We are still on hold. John will let us know.
Walktoberfest: Tim reported we have the date, the site, and music.
50/50 Raffle: The winner as Bill Giddings. He received $29.00.
Then our president and his lady continued the drawings giving away several more prizes.
Adjournment: We closed with the Pledge of Allegiance and the meeting was adjourned.
Minutes for the Board Meeting of Show-Me Cosmopolitan Club
June 23, 2020
The meeting was called to order at 5:34pm by President John Hubert.
Attendance: Those in attendance were Kay Brejcha, Tim Echternach, Bill Giddings, John Hubert, Julie McNeill, Tim Echternach, Aaron Zaner and Lora
By-laws: The by-laws are in correct completed form and will be emailed to the membership. Thank you to Lora Zaner for completing this task.
Perfect attendance: Perfect attendance was discussed. Kay will check with Maxine Powell on correct number of years for Bill Goodson and Bill Weitkemper. All pens were ordered and received and labeled to be presented at the next general meeting.
Treasurer’s report: Bill Tetro was not in attendance, but provided a complete treasurer’s report.
Inaugural: The program for the inaugural was proofed and mistakes noted and will be corrected.
Mobility Worldwide: Mobility Worldwide has received their check and a cart has been provide for us to paint and decorate. Tim has the information to pick up the cart. Date to paint and where will be announced. The event to show off the carts is August 30th
Donations: Three checks still need to be presented. They are the Rainbow House, Meals on Wheels, and Central Missouri Kidney Association.
Adjournment: Aaron Zaner made the motion to adjourn. Lora Zaner seconded the motion.
Proposed Chairs for the coming year.
If you want to be a chair or co-chair, let me know by emailing me or signing up at the next meeting. If the people already listed below do not wish to be chair or co-chair, I will take your name off. If you want to be part of the committee: email me or sign up at the next meeting.
Thank You!
2020-2021 Committee Chairs
Show – Me Cosmopolitan Club
Walktoberfest co-chairs:                
Extreme Bowling co-chairs:
Ready for Spaghetti co-chairs:     
(proposal: the above members meet to be the Fundraising Committee for possible additional fundraisers)
Bingo Concessions:                       
Awards:                      Tim Echternach                   
Audit/Budget:             Bill Tetro, and an “intern” to take over 21-22       
Calling and Email:              
Cards and Flowers:            
Chaplins:                    Jan Barry and Tim Echternach
Christmas Donations:                                
Education:                  Larry Benton
Hall of Fame:               Larry Benton
Historian:                    Maxine Powell
Inaugural:                  Tim Echternach (or whoever   becomes President-elect)
McDonald House:         John Kadlec
Membership:               Sara Echternach
Memorial Float:            is this needed?
MoKan Convention:                       
Programs/Publicity/Show-Me Times:
                                                            Tim Echternach