Volume 11                  Number 6
General Meeting: Thursday, January 7  at 7 p.m. Social "hour" at 6:30 p.m. Columbia Country Club. 
Board Meeting: Tuesday, January 26th  at 5:30 p.m. on ZOOM.

The Cosmopolitan Luncheon Club & The Cosmopolitan Breakfast Club are hosting the 69th Annual Pancake & Sausage Day on Saturday, January 30th from 6 a.m. to 1 pm at the club house on Burlington. Drive-Thru Only. Tickets are $8 in advance, and $10 at the "door".
Important dates in
Not only is it Hot Tea, Oatmeal, and Soup Month...
4th - Spaghetti Day
8th - Bubble Bath Day
14th - Dress Up Your Pet Day
19th - Popcorn Day
23rd - Measure Your Feet Day
27th - Chocolate Cake Day
"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."
-Helen Keller-
Board of Directors 2020-2021
Tim Echternach
Vice President of Membership
Sara Echternach
Bill Tetro
Kay Brejcha
Sargent at Arms
Elaine McCoy
Brett Benton
2 Year Term
Brian McNeill
Todd Shelmadine
1 Year Term
Bill Giddings
Aaron Zaner
Condolences and Prayers to
Maxine Powell and her family
for the passing of Wayne Powell
Todd Shelmadine - 1st
Jeane Tetro - 2nd
Brian McNeill - 12th
Brett Benton - 15th
VAC Christmas
   I want to thank John Kadlec for helping to pick up the gifts on Dec 3rd and taking the gifts to the Woodcrest Chapel on Dec 8th. Thanks so much. The total amount of money collected by the  Show-Me Cosmo Club for the VAC food vouchers was $350.00. Thanks to all of the Cosmo's who bought gifts & gave money for  the VAC Christmas Project. You have been very generous again this year. I know that the three families we helped had a very Merry Christmas.
Sincerely, Phyllis Erhart
December 29, 2020 Board Meeting Minutes
Show Me Cosmopolitan Club
The meeting was called to order by President Tim Echternach
Those in attendance were Kay Brejcha, Sara Echternach, Tim Echternach, Bill Giddings, and Brian McNeill
January meeting: (attendance and speakers)
It was noted that this is usually the meeting with the lowest attendance. No one has committed to speaking.  Tim asked for ideas on speakers. It was suggested to ask Julie McNeill to speak again since it has been some time since she made a presentation regarding Foster Grandparents.  Brian will check on this.
Possible emeritus status:
The board was in agreement to putting Jane Smith in emeritus status.  Kay will check on this in January.
Jan Goodson has contacted Maxine Powell.  Wayne wanted all contributions donated to the Honor Flight.  The treasurer will send a $50.00 contribution in his honor.
Amazon Smile:
Bill Giddings received a letter from Amazon Smiles indicating we had money, but they need our paper work.  The letter was given to Phil Hanson and Larry Benton to work on the information needed for us to collect. Once the board knows more information we will present more information on checking Amazon Smile when you use Amazon.
Scrip Program:
Kay Brejcha brought up that we could be making money from the Scrip account but she had not made a presentation on its use.  She will make a full presentation at the February meeting.
Nominating Committee:
Our club has been without a President-Elect so far this year.  We also know that Bill Tetro will not be our treasurer next year. (he has served for 2 terms, and so has Kay Brejcha as Secretary) The board is concerned about a full slate of officers.  Suggestions/volunteers would be appreciated.
Bowling Fundraiser:
No date has been set.  Participation is unpredictable due to COVID.  More information will be available in February.
Pancake Breakfast:
The pancake breakfast is January 29th.  It will be a drive thru event.  All members are encouraged to participate.
The Zoom meeting was adjourned
December 3, 2020 Minutes of General Meeting
Show-Me Cosmopolitan Club
The meeting was called to order by President Tim Echternach.
John Kadlec was our only December birthday.
Lora Zaner had a November birthday and was also presented a bag of goodies.
Larry Benton gave our blessing for the food and prayed for members who are ill and those who are grieving the loss of a family member.
VAC Project:
Phyllis Erhardt gave a report stating all gifts were turned in and would be delivered.  She thanked everyone for their generosity with the gifts and money for food vouchers.
Report on Bill and Judy Weitkemper:
Elaine gave an update on Bill and Judy’s health and ask that we keep them in our prayers.
Treasurer’s Report:
The check book balance is $9651.76.  $5963.00 of that balance is available to donate from the Walktoberfest.
Extreme Bowling:
A report will be made in January to determine how to proceed due to Covid.
Pancake Breakfast:
The pancake breakfast will be a drive thru event the last Saturday in January.  Tickets will be available at the next general meeting.
Report on Jane Smith:
Maxine Powell has Jane’s new address.  We will put it in a special newsletter. (Just email Tim, and he will send it to you.)
Tim presented “The Night Before Christmas” with slides to correspond to his reading.
50/50 Raffle:
Kay Brejcha won the raffle receiving $36.00 and the club receiving $36.00.