Volume 9                  Number 10
Coming Up
General Meeting: As of today, we are fairly certain it will be June 4th at 6:30 p.m STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES!
Board Meeting: Tuesday, May 26 at 5:30 p.m. at the Cosmo Building.
Ronald McDonald House:  John says were on hiatus for a bit. And that was before covid-19 hit us in the backyard.
Last Laugh:
Now that we have everyone washing their hands properly, let's learn how to use turn signals.
I just bought my co-worker a "get better soon" card. They aren't sick. I just think they can do better.
"The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog."
Mark Twain
Memorial Day observance May 25th
Birthdays in May
Bill Weitkemper on the 27th
April 28th Show-Me Cosmopolitan Board Meeting
The meeting was called to order at 5:30pm by John
Hubert, President.  Those in attendance were KayBrejcha, Sara Echternach, Tim Echternach, Bill Giddings, J John Hubert, Julie McNeill, Jeane Tetro, Bill Tetro. Aaron Zaner, and Lora Zaner
Attendance and perfect attendance:  Elaine McCoy will compile the information for this.  Kay will contact her to see what other information she needs.
Perfect attendance pens:  John will count pins and let Kay know how many are needed. She will order pins from International after a report from Elaine McCoy.  She also will let Bill know the amount so the budget can be adjusted.
Treasurer’s report and budget for 2020-2021:  Bill Tetro presented a 2020-2021 budget and treasurer’s report.
Donations:  Rainbow House - $1000.00
            Ronald McDonald House - $1000.00
            Meals on Wheels - $1000.00
            Boy’s and Girl’s Club - $1000.00
            Mobility Worldwide - $500.00
            Central Missouri Kids - $400.00
Motion was made to accept the donations as listed.  Second was made by Tim Echternach. 
            Motion carried.
New Board Members:
            President – Tim Echternach
            President-elect – We Want You!
            Vice President of Membership –
            Sara Echternach
            Secretary – Kay Brejcha
            Treasurer – Bill Tetro
            Two-year board member – Brian McNeill
                                             - Todd Shelmadine
            One-year board member – Aaron Zaner
                                                Bill Giddings
            Sergeant-at-arms – Elaine McCoy
            Parliamentarian – Brett Benton
            These names will be presented in May and members will vote on them at the June meeting.
Future Meetings:  A June meeting is planned.  We will meet at Columbia Country Club and if that is not possible, we will meet at the building.  In that case the meeting will be catered.
Inaugural:  John Hubert will be working on the details for this event.
International Convention: There will not be an International Convention this year.
Adjournment:  Tim Echternach made the motion to adjourn.  Bill Giddings seconded the motion.  The meeting was adjourned.