Posted by Tim Echternach
 Show-Me Board Meeting 10/28/2019 05:30 PM
Call to order – Meeting was called to order by President, John Hubert
In attendance – Sara E., Bill G., John H., Jeanne & Bill T., Aaron & Lora Z.
Board Meeting Minutes 9/20/19 – approved as written – motioned by Bill Tetro, seconded by Aaron Zaner – motion carried
Treasurer Report- Bill Tetro – Taxes are due Mid Nov. Will be done on time.
Checking account balanced as of 10/28/19 Membership Dues - Kay Brejcha (not in attendance, Bill T had report) current except for 4 members, Kay has contacted them, and they should be paid by the date of our monthly meeting
3 Club Scramble 10/18/2019 L.A. Nickell Golf Course Need $40.00 – John Hubert only one attended. Board approved donating the $40 from Board funds – Check given to John to hand over on 10/29/19
Walktoberfest distributions – Raised a total of $11,188 not including $225 that Kay has, that needs to be deposited. Board voted to hand out $11,000 to Diabetes Center (36%) $3,960, Camp Hickory Hill (30%), $3,300 and The Pediatric Endro Center (34%) $3,740
The Board also recognized all the hard work that Rose did, AND for all the donations that she bought in, which was over $1,000 by herself.
Board will present its recommendations at the monthly meeting on 11/7.
Halloween Party 12/29/19
Bowling -3/7 – need to check with Brett to confirm the date
Bunco- 3/20 – checking to confirm the building is available.
Spaghetti Dinner- 4/17 50/50 Placemats
Progressive Dinner – Passing on it this year. Too late to really plan it
Christmas Musical Entertainment- 12/5 Meeting – Deja Blue
Future Speakers- send recommendations to Tim
Adjourn – motion to adjourn made by Lora at 6:27pm, seconded by Sara, carried by Board.